Meet the AUTOASSESS partner: NTNU

The Autonomous Robots Lab (ARL) at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) works in the domain of resilient autonomy for robotic systems undertaking challenging real-life field missions and plays a very important role in the AUTOASSESS project, focusing on the development of resilient autonomous systems for maritime safety.

AUTOASSESS aims to address the complex needs of the maritime sector by deploying service robotics to perform autonomous inspections and assessments while also removing human surveyors from dangerous enclosed areas such as ballast tanks or cargo holds. Considering this, ARL-NTNU leads the project’s efforts in the domains of inspection autonomy for ballast tanks and cargo holds, crucial for ensuring the structural integrity and safety of maritime vessels.

Additionally, ARL-NTNU is at the forefront of developing a small sized exploration aerial robot, designed to navigate confined and challenging spaces within maritime vessels, while also taking the lead role in many of the field tests throughout the project.

Expert Team

The ARL-NTNU contributions for the AUTOASSESS project are driven by a team of dedicated experts, including Konstantinos Alexis, Mihir Dharmadhikari, Luca Zanatta, Fatma Youssef, and Omkar Sawant. This expertise comes together to ensure the development and implementation of relevant solutions that meet the stringent demands of maritime safety.

A highlight about NTNU

ARL-NTNU’s extensive experience in the field of robotics includes leading Team CERBREUS into winning the DARPA Subterranean Challenge, showcasing it’s expertise in developing reliable autonomous systems for complex environments.

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