Meet the AUTOASSESS partner: ScoutDI

ScoutDI, a Norwegian technology company, is at the forefront of robotics for safer and more efficient inspection of confined spaces. With its innovative products and cutting-edge technology, ScoutDI plays a vital role in the AUTOASSESS project, which aims to enhance safety and efficiency in maritime inspections.

ScoutDI’s main products are the Scout 137 drone system and the Scout Portal, together forming an end-to-end inspection solution that maximizes safety and reduces asset downtime to a minimum. The tethered drone allows unlimited flight-time and is designed for no-human-entry to dangerous environments. A 3D LiDAR ensures safe navigation with collision avoidance in confined spaces with location-tagging of all inspection data. In addition to the default 4K camera, optional UTM Payload and Gas Sensor are also available. The Scout Portal complements the drone system by enabling live streaming, storage, and analysis, while also allowing the easy sharing of the collected data with other stakeholders.

In the AUTOASSESS project, ScoutDI will contribute with the tethered Scout 137 drone platform, which is particularly well suited for inspection of cargo tanks. Moreover, ScoutDI brings in expertise in software for drone control and autonomy as well as product development and industrialization, taking into account the synergy with other ongoing research projects. The Scout 137 drone will be improved and augmented to integrate the multi-modal SLAM sensing suite of AUTOASSESS. Furthermore, the miniaturized ultrasonic testing sensors to be developed by Sensima will be integrated with a special focus on a flexible mounting mechanism that allows for diverse end-effector configurations.

Expert Team

The ScoutDI team of experts contributing to the AUTOASSESS project includes Øystein Skotheim (Chief Scientific Officer), the project owner from ScoutDI’s side, and Kjersti Brynestad (Autonomy Engineer) as the technical leader.

A highlight about ScoutDI

Safeguarding people and assets is the mission of ScoutDI. By providing high quality inspection data in confined spaces without the need for human entry, ScoutDI enhances safety and operation efficiency. This aligns perfectly with the objective of the AUTOASSESS project, making ScoutDI a valuable partner in this consortium.

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