Meet the AUTOASSESS partner: DANAOS

Established in 2004, DANAOS Research Centre (DrC) is currently a dominant player in European Applied Research in the shipping domain. Embracing multinational research collaboration through an active engagement in joint initiatives, reflected in the participation in over 40 EU research and innovation projects, reinforces DANAOS’ position as an important entity in the advancement of maritime technology and emphasizes its impact and contributions to maritime technology advancements.

The Role in the AUTOASSESS project

DANAOS Research Centre plays a very important part in the AUTOASSESS project as its role is to share the user’s requirements for inspections in vessel’s enclosed spaces. Moreover, the team contributes by supporting and coordinating a pilot case to validate the effectiveness and reliability of the AUTOASSESS robotic technology.
DANAOS brings vast knowledge and expertise for the inspection/surveys within the framework of the maritime industry, helping to guide the project towards the development of relevant and efficient robotic solutions tailored for the maritime sector.

Expert Team

The DANAOS team working in the AUTOASSESS project is composed of Takis Varelas, the Director of the DANAOS Research Center Committee, Dimitris Kaklis, Senior Researcher and development manager, and Fotis Oikonomou, Senior Researcher and Specialist in project management and business development. Their combined expertise play a vital role in driving the project’s success, while also ensuring its alignment with industry needs.

A highlight about DANAOS

DANAOS Shipping is the vessel manager of DANAOS Corporation, a leading international owner of more than 70 container ships. Known for its advanced shipping technology and a proven long track record of safety, efficiency, and environmental responsibility, DANAOS has established lasting relationships with its customers.

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