AUTOASSESS Highlights at the POSIDONIA Exhibition 2024

From June 3-7, the Metropolitan Expo in Athenes, Greece, hosted the Posidonia Exhibition 2024, the reputed International Shipping Exhibition that represents a key opportunity to gather maritime industry experts and professionals, encouraging dialogue, collaboration and innovation. The event counted on the participation of the AUTOASSESS project, represented by the partner DANAOS Shipping Co. Ltd., with Fotis Oikonomou leading the DANAOS Research Center team.

Themed “Powering Ahead”, this year’s event aimed to cover a range of significant topics shaping the future of shipping such as sustainability, climate issues and others, having attracted hundreds of maritime suppliers and thousands of visitors from around the globe. For the AUTOASSESS project, the event was a strategic moment to introduce its ground-breaking concept to potential future users and stakeholders.

DANAOS hosted its own booth at the exhibition where it was possible to engage with visitors and present AUTOASSESS’s objectives and expected results. At this point, project flyers were also distributed to provide a deeper understanding of the project’s goals but also to encourage people to keep up with the activities and developments through its website and social media networks.

This biennial event, known for its wide conference program and extensive participation, attracted an industry-specific audience, with around 50 visitors being informed about AUTOASSESS. With an international coverage level, Posidonia allowed the project to reach international maritime industry experts and their feedback was very positive, with many of them showing interest in the project’s mission.

Overall, DANAOS Research Center team was able to raise awareness and captivate the public’s attention for AUTOASSESS, improving the project’s visibility within the sector and making its participation at the Posidonia Exhibition 2024 a success.

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