Meet the AUTOASSESS partner: Klaveness Ship Management

Klaveness Ship Management (KSM), a key partner in the AUTOASSESS project, manages 16 advanced combination carriers on behalf of Klaveness Combination Carriers (KCC), adeptly handling both dry and wet cargo transportation. The team’s extensive expertise spans a wide array of vessel types, including container ships, bulk carriers, chemical tankers, and petroleum product tankers. KSM’s unwavering commitment to safety, environmental stewardship, and regulatory compliance is exemplified by the rigorous implementation of the Klaveness Always Safe and Secure (KLASS) principles across all facets of their operations. This dedication extends beyond the confines of business, aiming to positively influence both the environment and society at large.

The Role in the AUTOASSESS project
In the AUTOASSESS project, KSM contributes with its extensive expertise in maritime vessel operations and access to vessels for field testing, making it possible to ensure that the AUTOASSESS robotic technologies are effective and practical in real-world maritime scenarios. This hands-on involvement is crucial for validating the project’s innovations and their application in the industry.

Expert Team
The expert team from KSM includes Lars Laugen, Head of Digitalization, along with other subject matter experts as necessary. Their expertise is instrumental in advancing the project’s goals.

A highlight about Klaveness Ship Management
KSM is fully dedicated to safety and sustainability, which is evidenced by its rigorous Quality Management System (QMS) and Klaveness Always Safe and Secure (KLASS) principles across all operations. Moreover, KSM participation in innovative projects like AUTOASSESS, that aim to enhance safety and efficiency in maritime operations, also underscores its commitment.

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