Meet the AUTOASSESS partner: Technical University of Munich

The Technical University of Munich (TUM), through its Smart Robotics Lab (SRL) led by Prof. Stefan Leutenegger, focuses on enabling technologies for mobile robots operating in a potentially unknown environment. This includes control, motion planning, and perception – localisation, mapping, and 3D scene understanding with a suite of sensors, most importantly cameras. SRL is applying the technology to drones, as used in autonomous inspection or construction scenarios demanding proximity or physical contact with the structure.


The Role in the AUTOASSESS project

In the AUTOASSESS project, the Technical University of Munich is the work package leader on Digital Twin, which generates virtual worlds as “real” as possible to real environments. Specifically, TUM’s team maps 3D locations of defects to help human decisions and geometric structures for robots’ 3D perception. Moreover, these specialists are also responsible for autonomous drone exploration where robot perception in a dark area and navigating through narrow holes pose extreme challenges.


Expert Team

The AUTOASSESS project at TUM is led by a team of recognized experts whose extensive knowledge and experience is fundamental to the project:

  • Prof. Stefan Leutenegger, Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) at TUM, is specialized in the area of mobile robotics, with focus on robot navigation through potentially unknown environments.
  • Dr. Jaehyung Jung, post-doc at Smart Robotics Lab, has expertise on visual-inertial odometry and SLAM for mobile robots and the research interest lies in making robots smarter and safer in real-world.
  • Jiaxin Wei, PhD Student at SRL, with expertise in 3D vision and object-level perception.
  • Sebastián Barbas Laina, PhD Student at SRL, whose research interests are Visual and visual inertial SLAM, Heterogeneous SLAM, Computer vision for robotics and Machine learning and deep learning for robotics.

A highlight about TUM’s Smart Robotics Lab

The Smart Robotics Lab at the Technical University of Munich is fully committed to advancing robotics, making robots smarter and safer.

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