AUTOASSESS Updates: Insights from the Second Field Trip

The Technical University of Denmark (DTU) team working on the WP5 of the AUTOASSESS project has conducted another successful field trip at Fayard bringing back valuable data and insights to be analyzed.

During this expedition, the project’s coordinator team conducted flights in two water ballast tanks spanning three levels and 50 compartments aboard a vessel. The collection efforts were extensive, resulting in the gathering of a significant amount of sensor data.

Here are some key statistics from this field trip:

  • Data collection: A 1TB of data was collected across all the platforms – the same as 40 BlueRay DVDs.

  • Flight time: 2 drones were in the air to capture detailed information and imagery for a total of 2.5 hours – or twice as long as a blue whale can hold its breath.

  • Battery usage: 20 batteries were used to power the drones throughout the mission – the same as 3% of the battery of a 2024 Volkswagen ID7 electric.

  • Vessel Exploration: More than 30 trips were made up or down the vessel.

These statistics highlight the scale and complexity of the operations as AUTOASSESS works towards enhancing vessel inspections. Moreover, the collected data will be fundamental to redefine technologies and adopt better methodologies to achieve accurate, efficient, and safe inspections in challenging environments.

Stay tuned for more AUTOASSESS updates, as the project drives innovation in marine inspections and paves the way for a safer and more efficient industry.

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