AUTOASSESS Project Takes First Step Towards Safer Maritime Inspections

By the end of February, in a significant milestone, the AUTOASSESS project conducted its first field test at FAYARD shipyard, marking the beginning of a new era in vessel inspections.

Funded by the European Union with the aim of revolutionizing the way structural safety is ensured aboard ships and marine infrastructures, the AUTOASSESS project has now taken one of its first steps. The team embarked on their first field test at FAYARD shipyard, where they had the opportunity to deploy the Flyability drone in a “real-life” setting. The primary objective of this test was not only to assess the drone’s performance but also to refine the approach for future field tests within the project.

Right at the arrival, DTU, the AUTOASSESS coordinator, received a comprehensive briefing from FAYARD regarding security measures onboard the ship, as well as insights into the ship’s structure and the crew. FAYARD facilitated the communication with the ship owner, ensuring that all necessary approvals were obtained so that all test could proceed correctly.

While the initial plan was to conduct tests in a ballast tank, ongoing work in that area prompted a shift in focus to the cargo hold. This unexpected change was also a valuable learning experience for the team, making it very clear of the importance of meticulous planning and flexibility in adapting to dynamic environments. But despite all this, the team successfully collected a dataset using a multitude of sensors onboard the Eliostm drone.

With the successful completion of their field test, the AUTOASSESS team is now gearing up for their next challenge in March. The upcoming tests will focus on inspecting ballast water tanks, further advancing the project’s mission to enhance maritime safety through innovative technology.

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